The recently opened Bourbon Square Casino that was formerly the Silver Club in Victorian Square in Sparks has announced that the property has been sold and will be closing down. Northern Star Casinos, owners of the Bourbon Square Casino, said plans are to close the casino no later than February 5, 2015.

"While the Bourbon Square Casino was performing well, there has been renewed interest in the Victorian Square area driven by the announcement of the new Tesla battery plant," part owner of Northern Star Casinos Thomas Reinhard said. "Accordingly, we felt our company's interests would be better served by focusing on our five other northern Nevada gaming enterprises."

The new owner plans to redevelop the property without a casino. The hotel and buildings are likely to be slated as multi-family residential housing while additional space will likely be converted into office space.

Gamblers and guest who may still be holding slot payout tickets or have points available for redemption can redeem them at north entrance of Bourbon Square Casino weekdays from 8AM to 4PM until April 5, 2015.