The excitement is picking up among hockey fans hopeful to bring an NHL team to Las Vegas. Last week Bill Foley and his team at Vegas Wants Hockey announced that they are 80% towards their goal of 10,000 tickets sold. Then on Sunday March 15 Bill Foley announced that they had reached 9,000 season tickets sold. The ticket drive which started February 10th has been going on for less than two months but they are already near their goal. The 9,000 tickets puts them just 1,000 tickets away from reaching their 10,000 goal and highly likely they will achieve it in the next week or two.

"This announcement is great news," Foley said after reaching 8,000 season ticket deposits last week. "The goal of the season ticket drive is to demonstrate the long-term viability of an NHL franchise in Las Vegas. Securing more than 8,000 season ticket deposits - in less than one month - helps demonstrate that Las Vegas wants hockey. There is significant momentum in this campaign and we are looking forward to the day we can announce that we have hit our goal of securing 10,000 season ticket deposits."

As part of the effort to drive season ticket sales the Vegas Wants Hockey team announced they will be donating $1 for each season ticket sold to Opportunity Village for the first season. Another incentive for prospective season ticket holders is a free replica jersey for every two season tickets they purchase.

More information about securing season tickets can be found at or by calling 702-645-4259.