One of only two AM radio station in Elko Nevada, KTSN 1340 AM, has shutdown and turned their license back into the Federal Communications Commission.

The radio station over the past few years under the current ownership, Northern Nevada Media, faced numerous obstacles and problems with running the station. According to information submitted to the FCC by the station owner, the station repetitively had technical issues with operating the transmitter and other equipment necessary to put and keep the station on the air. But the former owner of station, Humboldt Broadcasting, told the FCC in 2013 that the station's equipment was satisfactory and that the current owner couldn't keep the station on the air because they failed to make the necessary electrical payments. The previous owner, who sold the station to Northern Nevada Media in April 2011, also said in their statement to the FCC that they were still trying to collect part of the $170,000 payment owed to them by Northern Nevada Media for the purchase of the station nearly two years after making the deal.