Reddit users hoping to find accurate and fair information regarding the recent nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida were met with widespread censorship in the news section of the popular social media site.

Moderators for the /r/news section of the site attempted to silence anyone that would post any information of the events that they felt portrayed the perpetrator or his religion in a negative light. As a result, Reddit users were forced to turn to other sections of the site for factual coverage of the events. All in all the moderators for the news section deleted thousands of posts of people mentioning that the shooter was Muslim, non-white, or any other post not meeting the moderators' agenda.

Many visitors to the site, including those who are left leaning or Democrat, surprising found themselves turning the the Donald Trump fan sub-Reddit (/r/the_donald) section of the site for uncensored information about the tragic event.

Hours later the moderators for the /r/news section of Reddit backtracked on their censorship after tens of thousands of users of Reddit spoke out against the censorship. After the backtrack they allowed posters to once again analyze the shooter's background and what may have lead to his reasoning for committing the terrible attack on hundreds of innocent people at the nightclub.