A recently released report commissioned by Hotels.com called the Hotel Price Index shows that hotels prices have increase across the United States an average of 5 percent for 2014 compared to 2013. Denver, Seattle, Nashville, Portland, Atlantic City, St. Louis, and Scottsdale all saw double digit increases in hotel room prices from 2013 to 2014.

Of the 50 most popular tourist destination in the United States, Reno was the 29th most popular destination and was ranked the most affordable. They found that Reno had an average nightly hotel room price of $83 per night putting it cheaper than any other destination. The price remained flat from 2013 when rooms also averaged $83 per night. Reno is an attractive destination because of its access to many outdoor activities including kayaking, skiing, hiking, and camping. Reno also features many popular events including Hot August nights. The city is also a draw for the millions of people in Northern California looking for a quick getaway or short road trip.

A key reason that may help keep the hotel prices down in Reno compared to other cities is the abundant inventory of available hotel rooms. With tens of thousands of rooms built in the previous boom periods of Reno there is an excess capacity that exceeds demand. Unless more hotel rooms get re-purposed as condos or apartments Reno will likely remain an affordable destination for the foreseeable future.

Las Vegas was ranked the most popular destination in the United States on their list and had an average increase in price of 7% from 2013 to 2014. The average room rate for Las Vegas in 2014 was $116 per night while in 2013 it was $108.

More information about their report on hotel prices and destinations is available at their web site hpi.hotels.com.